Officers & Dept. Heads

Great Bay Distributors Board of Directors

Claudia Sokolowski

Chairwoman of the Board & Vice President Great Bay

Ron Petrini

Vice President of the Board
& CEO Great Bay

Matthew Sokolowski

Board Member & President Great Bay

Jennifer Petrini–Lovelady

Board Member & Director of Community and Cultural Affairs

John Petrini

Board Member

Douglas Sokolowski

Board Member

Great Bay Distributors Officers

Craig Rubright

Vice President/Chief Financial Officer

Sandy Ho

Vice President/Human Resources

Bill Carman

Vice President/Sales

Joe Lightner

Vice President/Service and Delivery

Scott Penland

Vice President/Operations

Great Bay Distributors Department Heads

Tom Sladden

Off-Premise Sales Director

Chris Lewis

On-Premise Sales Director

Mark Goodwill

Director of Finance

Anthony Ciofalo

I.T./Network Management

Chris Irwin

Warehouse Management

Mike Coleman

Fleet Management